SUBJECT : Goa tourism must work with Met dept to aid tourists

Panaji, March 2nd: Going to the beach is always on the itinerary of tourists who visit Goa, be it for a quick stopover or a day-long stay. As a safety measure, knowing the forecast of the beach's weather, its marine conditions and heat radiation level is thus necessary before one hits the sun and sand, said director general of meteorology, LS Rathore.

He was speaking at an event in Panaji on Tuesday.

"There is no tourist who comes to Goa and does not go to the beach. They should, therefore, know what the optimal time to visit it is," he said. He further elaborated that when people go into the waters or even choose to stay on the sands, there are certain conditions that they are likely to encounter. Since the sun's radiations may affect sunbathers, temperature forecast is important. Also, tidal conditions must be shared with those engaging in adventure sports.

"These advisories will definitely help tourists and add value to the information already being shared," said Rathore. For this, he suggested that Goa's department of meteorology and department of tourism can work together. He further added that local news TV channels, FM radio channel or print media can help share the information.

"Tourists will not be registered through SMS or other modes if they come to Goa so they have to depend more on media." he added. "Collaboration is the mantra and the tourism department should tell the department of meteorology, what the requirements are."

Source: Times of India