SUBJECT : Chilika Lake gets ‘B’ again on ecological health report card

Bhubaneswar, March 23rd: Despite huge pressure of overfishing, unregulated tourism, and sedimentation, Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, has managed to retain its ecological health.

The second eco-system health report card of Chilika based compilation of complex volume of data and information gathered through the lake monitoring programme in 2014 says overall score of lagoon’s health was B as was reported in 2012. The lagoon’s health report was released on occasion of celebration of World Forestry Day here on Monday.

Eco-system health of Chilika Lake was assessed by taking into consideration 10 indicators. “During 2012, the overall score was ‘B’ which is the same as reported here for 2014. Individual indicators also showed similar grades except chlorophyll-a, which was used for the first time in this report card, instead of total chlorophyll in 2012,” says the report card.

Similarly, the northern zone obtained the score ‘B-’ which was also B in 2012. “This zone displayed excellent results for fisheries, mix of good and poor level of water quality and good biodiversity (with the exception of dolphin sightings) during the year 2014,” said Ajit Pattnaik, Chief Executive of Chilika Development Authority.

“Southern zone which was B during 2012, scored B during 2014 due to excellent results for fisheries, good water quality (with the exception of chlorophyll) and good biodiversity highlighted by phyto, benthos and dolphin abundance,” he said.

The central and outer channel zone obtained the same score as in 2012.

Source: The Hindu