SUBJECT : NMMC eco friendly measure to clean Karave, Ghansoli lakes

Navi Mumbai, May 22nd: The civic body may adopt alternate methods for maintaining the water bodies under its jurisdiction if the bio-remediation — currently underway at two NMMC lakes — is successful, said sources. Currently, NMMC drains the water out of the lake and then conducts the de-silting process.

Two private agencies have offered to demonstrate the drastic changes in water quality that can be brought about with bio-remediation without any wastage at lakes in Karave and Ghansoli, the sources added. Bio-remediation is the process of using biological products to eliminate pollutants in the lake.

"We are constantly on the lookout for newer means of maintaining the water bodies. An alternate system wherein, the water is cleaned directly was being considered and the process of bio-remediation was suggested," said city engineer Mohan Dagaonkar.

The lake at Karave and Ghansoli were observed to have algae formation, which had turned the water murky, said civic officials. "Wild weed and algae was growing within the lakes. The microbes in the biological culture released into the water will feed on these contaminants, breaking down their molecular structure to release oxygen, essential for revival of the water body," said civic engineers.

The process will be conducted for a period of three months and the administration will consider implementing it in other lakes based on the results of the experiment.

NMMC would have to spend an estimated Rs 5 lakh to implement the system in each lake. "If there is visible difference in water quality, then the administration can consider using the concept to clean other lakes, which don't have much silt formation," Dagaonkar added.

Source: Times of India