SUBJECT : Greens demand eco friendly buildings

Kozhikode, May 12th: Environmental groups in the district have demanded for making environment-friendly building plans mandatory for building permits. The demand is to make solar power panels and green building compulsory.

Prakrithi Samrakshana Samithi, an environmental group to address climatic changes and other environmental issues, sought amendment in building rules. Apart from the installation of solar power panels, the government and local bodies should ensure that these panels are utilized to its full, demanded T V Rajan, state general secretary of the samithi.

The office-bearers of the samithi feel that it is high time, that the government should direct its departments to make use of solar power for operating electrical and electronic instruments. The samithi has demanded that all government schools, other educational institutions, hospitals and government buildings should install power panels to tap solar power.

P Rameshbabu, district president of the Samithi demanded the government that actions should be taken to ensure complete utilisation of solar power in three years. Besides, green buildings should also be made mandatory to protect the environment, he added.

All government buildings should be given three years to become self-sufficient in energy production. Electricity to these buildings should also be disconnected after three years, said the office-bearers.

Gardens should be maintained near Railway stations and other public places to avoid extreme heat, demanded the Samithi members, who are part of an awareness programme on 'the reason for extreme heat in Kerala'.

Source: Times of India