SUBJECT : State forest minister Harak Singh Rawat on Tuesday announced five new Ecotourism circuits

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Dehradun, November 21, 2017: State forest minister Harak Singh Rawat on Tuesday announced five new eco-tourism circuits, — Dehradun-Rishikesh, Kotdwar , Ramnagar-Nainital, Yamuna-Tons Valley and Nandhour-Champawat. Many of them have been built during the British era and showcase the simple and beautiful architecture of that period. As part of the circuit, unique forest rest houses will be offered as standalone destinations and the surrounding areas will host activities such as bird watching, trekking and other sightseeing facilities. Rawat said, “The state is blessed with beautiful forest rest houses with rich historical and cultural values. We have identified 35 forest guest houses in the five new eco-tourism circuits, which will be developed as standalone destinations, as the main part of the wholesome package with the surroundings areas.”He added that the move will help contain migration and boost livelihood opportunities for local people. Dehradun-Rishikesh circuit has natural places such as Thano, Sanjay Jheel, Ranichauri, Dhanolti and Devalsari and Chaurasikuti (Beetles Ashram)Kotdwar circuit has wildlife in Rasiyabad and Chidiyapur, Ladang, historical place Kanvashram, scenic sites Sendikhal, Sneh, renowned temple Tadkeshwar and dense forest area of Kolhuchaur Ramnagar- Nanital circuits comprises Sitabani and Chunakhan as wildlife rich areas, Pawalgarh , Kilbari and Vinayak for birding, Soni for religious Mahadev temple and Kausani for scenic beauty Yamuna-Tons Valley circuit encapsulates Jhajhra and Timal forest area, Asan Bairaj for boating and birding, Chakrata, Kanasar for scenic beauty, Budher, Sandara and Jarmola for their forest guest house being above 100 year old and Kempti fall for famous water fall Nandhour-Champawat circuit will offer Chorgaliya in Nandhour wildlife sanctuary, Boom near Sharda river for angling, Champawat for rich forest area, Dhunaghat for Devi temple and known for fare of hurling stones by villagers on each other, Bhingrada for Reetha Sahib sikh religious place and Paharpani and Mahesh khan for old forest guest houses.

Source: Nyoooz