SUBJECT : The people of Mahbubnagar district are demanding more facilities in the Mayuri Park. Proposals to create more facilities in the park are yet to see the light of the day. 

School children looking closely at Dinosaur model in Mayuri

Mahbubnagar (Telangana), April 17, 2018: The Mayuri Eco Tourism Park, the largest recreational parks developed in Mahbubnagar, is credited for its fastest development. The Forest Department and district administration, with all encouragement from local MLA Srinivas Goud, have played a vital role in fashioning the Mayuri Eco Tourism Park in just one year.

However, the people of Mahbubnagar district are demanding more facilities in the Mayuri Park. Proposals to create more facilities in the park are yet to see the light of the day.

The Mayuri Park, even when it was still at the construction stage, started receiving thousands of visitors every week. Despite having installed some preliminary play equipment for children, green flush carpet and butterfly garden for the public with an attractive entrance that reflects true natural ambience at the gate, the people at the Mayuri Park are demanding more for a complete entertainment.

There is a need for supply of pure drinking water to the visitors. The Park which spreads over more than 2,000 hectares has a large road way extending to more than 4 to 5 kilometers across the park. At present only one Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter installed at the children’s playground is serving the entire park. “The Park is very big and with more and more number of visitors thronging the park the authorities have failed to provide proper benches for visitors to seat along the walkway.

There is only one RO filters with just two taps providing drinking water. It is not sufficient. It is important the authorities also erect the drinking water taps at the Adventure play station, hillock view point, at Yoga centre in the garden,” said Nenavath Ramesh a visitor at the Mayuri Park.

The Tourism authorities and the district administration have tried their level best to make the Mayuri Park more attractive and provide best of the recreation for the visitors. There is a currency park where in the currencies of more than 100 countries are displayed with description on the boards alongside the iron carved currencies.

Recently the authorities have also opened a Gun shooting and Archery shooting centres in the park, wherein the visitors are given a chance to try their hand at these sports. A trainer guides them and the enclosure is having adequate protection. “We are really thankful for the State government for transforming the central nursery into a gigantic eco-tourism park.

The children and adults are coming here during weekends and spending their jolly time. The ropeway, the skyway cycling, bamboo forest, trekking into the hillock, long walkers track inside the serene greens is some of the highlights. Recently they have also developed a Hansala Park and Bird enclosure which are still under construction.

The electric auto-rikshaw gives us a good ride of the entire park for just Rs 10, while these are some of the positive aspects, on the flip side, the canteen does not supply proper hygienic food, and it needs to be developed still better. There are no adequate toilets at different places. With only one or two toilets at one place will not suffice thousands of visitors.

The authorities need to first focus on giving basic amenities like drinking water, refreshing area and toilets and adequate number of benches for seating. The roads are yet to be black topped and needs to be developed with proper footpaths and proper boarders,” said Mudavath Govindu another visitor in the park.

Srinivas Goud has promised to provide Mission Bhagiratha tap water to Mayuri and ensured that at every 100 meters there will be one tap. This apart the Mayuri Park is also expected to get a Guest house, a huge convention hall for conducting meetings, a swimming pool, an amphitheatre and a mini tank. “To overcome the water problem a overhead tank will be built in Mayuri,” said the MLA.

Source: The Hans India