A study on Ecotourism potential in Tripura, North East India

Author: Bajrang Lal Meena and Nibedita Das (Pan), Department of Geography and Disaster Management, Tripura University, Suryamaninagar, Tripura (W), PIN – 799022

Indian Streams Research Journal

Vol.1, Issue.V/June; 12pp.1-4, ISSN:-2230-7850

ABSTRACT - Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people. It is a happy marriage between traditional tourism industry and modern concept of sustainable eco-friendly development strategy of tourism which reduces its negatives and increases the welfare of mankind. Tripura is endowed with splendid natural beauty. The state, an abode of rich floral and faunal biodiversity, treasure of plants, shrubs and herbs of medicinal value, unique ecosystems, wet lands, there grandeur and awe inspiring beauty are the sources of perennial attraction.


Source: Indian Streams Research Journal