Mainstreaming Ecotourism in Sikkim s Economy

Authors: Sandeep Tambe IFS, Kinjong Sharap Bhutia (KCC-NGO) and M.L. Arrawatia IFS  


Sikkim has been taking rapid strides in the ecotourism sector and has now become a major ecotourism destination in the region. As per the latest figures, in 2005 more than 2.5 lakh domestic and 17,000 overseas tourists visited Sikkim. However one often wonders how many tourists are visiting our trekking destinations, what is their trend? Which are the peak and lean trekking tourism seasons and which is our major ecotourism market? And finally how can we promote Sikkim round the year to ensure the mainstreaming of ecotourism in the state’s economy? To answer these questions a joint study was undertaken by the Forest Department, The Mountain Institute and the Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee (KCC) along the Yuksam Dzongri trekking trail.

Source: Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee, Yuksam