SUBJECT :Velas Turtle Festival, Maharashtra. 

Destination: Velas, Ratnagiri

Duration: 10th March 2018 – 15th April 2018 (Approx)

Nearest Airport: Mumbai Or Pune Airport

Accommodation: MTDC approved Homestay or Similar

Category: Ecotourism {Kids & Senior Citizen Friendly}

Brief - Velas turtle festival is a popular annual festival where new born baby turtles and released back to sea. Tourists and photographers enjoy the time watching baby turtles take first steps of their life towards sea and then start their long journey of life which is full of challenges. Velas beach and Velas village also offers a great ecotourism experience for all visitors and its a great fun spending your life at Velas in that rustic and cozy village life. However it is highly important to note down a few things in order to make sure that your tour will be full of fun, hassle free and will not give you any unwanted set back. So here are a few quick tips to make your velas tour memorable.


Turtle Sighting period at Velas beach:

Baby turtles are sighted only during winter and summer months on Velas beach. Time span from January to April is ideal for sighting of turtles however it great to consult a travel operator for confirmed dates of turtle sighting instead of directly dropping in at Velas village. There is skillful logic involved in deriving confirmed dates of turtle hatching and the villages and tour operators are expert in it.

Turtle Sighting Timings at Velas beach:

Kindly note that no baby turtles are retained on conservation site of Velas turtle festival. Every single baby turtle hatched out on a particular day will be released back to sea on that day itself. The time for releasing turtles in the ocean is fixed and no alteration is entertained. The time slots are Morning 7.00 am to 7.30 am and Evening 6.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Respect Turtles, help turtles:

We request you to keep your excitement under control at the time the baby turtles are released in sea. Please cooperate in making the Velas turtle festival successful by following instructions given by volunteers, by not crossing the barricades and by not entering the water near turtle release site (as it might result in foot stomping the turtle?baby and it might die)

No Swimming in Velas Beach:

Velas beach is known to be one of the most dangerous beaches in konkan which average 5 deaths every year. Make sure you does not enter the beach for swimming and also keep an eye on your friends or co-travellers.

Do not expect luxury:

Velas is the place to enjoy down to earth and not luxury. Please be clear that all you are going get at Velas during velas turtle festival is sound sleep in homestay accommodation, yummy homely food, pleasant atmosphere to refresh your senses, lots of local fruits / cuisines and lifetime memories of watching baby turtles start their journey.

If you are interested about ANJARLE TURTLE FESTIVAL - 2018

About Anjarle Turtle Festival:

Anjarle is a small port village nestled on the coastline of Ratnagiri District which is famous for its 2 kms long stretch of white sand surrounded with Palm Trees, Kadyavarcha Ganpati and Konkani lifestyle. After the ongoing conservation taken at Velas, an initiative was taken by Village Gram Panchayat, Sahyadri Nisargamitra and Maharashtra Forest department to conserve Olive Ridley Turtle by protecting their eggs which was found at Anjarle shoreline.

Witnessing a baby turtle coming out of the egg and then finding its way to the sea by those baby steps is an unforgettable moment. We welcome all the nature lovers to join for this unforgettable journey of tiny olive ridley turtles.

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