Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2019

DATES :          10/10/2019 - 14/10/2019

 LOCATION : Mehrangarh, Jodhpur, India

RIFF stands for Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2019, meant to flaunt cultural lifestyle of India and beyond. This five-day-long festival has been regarded as People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development, by UNESCO. More than 250 artists from different regions around the world perform in this festival, who showcase a fusion of Indian and international music.

Highlights of RIFF Festival

Rajasthani Artists: Of the various artists participating in the festival, the four legends who will be presented under “Living Legends” series are- Lakha Khan Manganiyar, Kadar Khan Langa (Sindhi Sarangi and vocals), Pempa Khan Manganiyar (Shehnai and Murli) and Sawan Khan Manganiyar (Sufi). They will be presenting their best works.

Other artists who will be taking part in the festival will be Chiranji Lalji, Shamsuddin (Maand), musicians Kamaycha Ghewar and Darra Khan Manganiyar and vocalists Anwar Khan Manganiyar. Some of the younger groups as well as young masters who will be seen at Jodhpur RIFF are Dhun Dhora group and masters like Asin Langa and Butta Manganiyar.

Jayateerth Mevundi:  He is one of the finest vocalists to have emerged from the Kirana Gharana. He is the master in the Santvaani (words of the saints) and Daasavani (words of the devotee) musical traditions of Karnataka and Maharashtra. He will be one of the highlights at the festival.

Sondorgo: Another highlight at the festival, the Sondorgo is a band from Hungary that plays the lesser known music of the Serb-Croatian communities that live along Danube in addition to the gypsy and Balkan tracks from other parts of the world. They play in total 17 instruments and styles of music.

Davy Sicard: He is originally from the distant island of La Reunion but now lives in France. Davy Sicard’s music is unique and is a blend of African Slave Chants and rhythms, unique traditional instruments as well as contemporary European instruments. He is often called the master of the modern “Maloya” and his music encompasses themes such as reunion and slavery.

Robust- This will be a special highlight of the Jodhpur RIFF and will feature master percussions with Ben Walsh. One of the most popular and accomplished percussionists from Australia, he will, for the first time, meet Rajasthani master percussionists at the festival.

Maru Tarang:  Maru Tarang is an Australian-Rajasthani music with the association of Jeff Lang and Bobby Singh from Australia and Asin Langa and Bhungar Manganiyar from Rajasthan. At the festival, the group will present the work from their first album” Blue City” and will also provide a peek into their upcoming work.

Bixiga 70: Bixiga 70 is one of the most popular and loved contemporary instrumental music in Brazil. These produce a sound that together have African and Brazilian influences that also include Samba and Reggae with electronica, ethio jazz and carimbo. Other elements taken from the travels of Bixiga’s 10 members incorporate Cumbia from Columbia, Malinke drumming from Guinea and Cuban blaxploitation riffs.

UNESCO has endorsed the Jodhpur RIFF as the “People’s platform for creativity and Sustainable Development”.

Source: www.indianholiday.com