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Tourism : Strategies, Planning and Development


Tourism: References, Sources and Bibliography

P.C. Sinha

Tourism Management: A Global Perspective

G.S.Batra and A.S. Chawla

Tourism Planning and Development

Praveen Sethi

Tourism Environment: Nature, Culture, Economy

Tejvir Singh, Mary Fish, Vatene .L.Smith Linda.K. Richter

Tourist India: Hospitality Services

Ratandeep Singh

Tourism and Travels: concept and principles

Dr. Jagmohan Negi

Tourism in Gharwal Himalaya: With special references to mountaineering & Trekking in Uttarkashi & Chamoli Districts

Harshwanti Bisht

Tourism in Ladakh Himalaya


Tourism issues & Strategies

P.C. Sinha

Tourism Development in India.

A. Satish Babu

Tourism Towards 21st Century

Sunil Gupta & S.P. Bansal

The family as an Environment for Human Development


Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Everest Region of Nepal

Paul Royers John Aitchism

Tourism Impact Assesment


Tourism Research policy and pollution


Tourism Management & Marketting. The Business of Travel.


Tashi Delek Vol 6 No 5 Nov-Dec 2001

Bhutan Tourism Co.op Ltd

Tourism Planning Development

Praveen Sethi

Training for Entrepreneurship and self-employment


The living plateau: Changing lives of Herdes in Qinghas ICIMOD

Nicoran wageningen & S.A Werison

Village Tourism in Sirubari Implications for sustain ability

Kamal Bunskota & Bikash Sharma

Successful Tourism Management


An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Pran Nath Seth & Susham Seth Bhat

Aviation and Sustainable Tourism: Emerging Trends

S.S. Sidhu

Annals of Tourism Research Vol- 28,


Annals of Tourism Research Vol 28 No 3


Frontiers of new Tourism


Frontiers of new Tourism


Dynamics of Tourist Series: Perspectives of Indian Tourism

Pushpinder .S-Gile

Tourism Environment and Development of Garhwal Himalaya

Devesh Nigam

Tourism Growth Management and Inventives

Manohar Sajnani & V.K. Goswami

Dynamics of Modern Tourism

Ratandeep Singh.

Indian Tourism: Beyond the Millenium

M.P. Bezbarvah

Infrastructure of Tourism in India

Ratandeep Singh

International Tourism Management

A.K. Bhatia

Prospects for Tourism in Chhekampur.

Bishnu Bhandari

Hotel Industry and Tourism in India

Pragati Mohanty

Hill Tourism: Planning and Development

Harish Chandra Rai

Growth and Development of Modern Tourism


Encyclopedia of Tourism Resources of India Vol I

Manohar Sajnani

Encyclopedia of Tourism Resources of India Vol II

Manohar Sajnani

Economic Dimensions of Tourism.


Successful Tourism Management