Sanjay K. Nepal

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC),Prince George, BC

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Paper Abstract: Many mountain communities around the world have promoted ecotourism to ameliorate problems of environmental degradation and under development. Although there is no agreement on what ecotourism is or should be, it is generally believed that ecotourism in the mountains will foster responsible tourist behavior, conservation of important wildlife habitats and ecosystems, appreciation of local cultures and traditional life styles, and provision of sustainable forms of livelihood for people living in remote and communities.

This paper provides an overview of the trends in mountain ecotourism and suggests that any attempts towards mountain ecotourism should focus on sustainability; diversity; institutional reforms; gender equity; local, regional and global economic integration; local financial incentives; and peace and security. The paper concludes with the proposition for a framework for mountain ecotourism site designation.

Source: Mountain Research and Development Abstracts Volume 22, Number 2, May 2002