Paper Abstract: This paper reviews the current tourism development policies of the Government of India. However, it is argued that there are major conflicts between the policies and practices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Environment & Forests. As a result, the ecotourism development strategies that have been attempted thus far have been extremely fragmented. The paper explores the resulting conflicts at a specific national park - Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. Firstly, it examines the conflicts between the protection of specific species such as the tiger and the promotion of tourism development. Secondly, it examines the conflicts that arise between the management of a national park and the local villagers that are often displaced. Thirdly, it examines the conflicts that exist between domestic and foreign tourists. It is argued that specific animal species such as tigers are an important part of both conservation and ecotourism strategies and that the latter need to become an integral part of park management and planning

Source: Kevin Hannam University of Sunderland)