Vijayawada, July 3rd: In a first-of-its-kind facility, a city-based car servicing centre now allows you to get your vehicle serviced at your doorstep.

If you have been cribbing about lack of time to lug your vehicle up to the service centre, Shine Ur Ride is the way to get rid of those blotches that disappear after an eco steam bath at your doorstep in flat three hours.

“We use advanced technology to remove dirt from vehicles. Unlike regular car wash techniques, we don’t brush or scrub as it may cause minute scratches on the surface. We do steam wash and systematically sanitize air ventilation and air-conditioner vents along with seats,” claims Tummala Vijay Kumar.

Following an in-depth study at bigger cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi, he introduced the concept in the city in October last. Staff visit the car owner with accessories, and this saves time, as most people spend long hours at the service centres during holidays. “We wash the vehicle in the presence of the owner without using chemical cleaners and detergents,” he says.

According to him, steam washing effectively cleans the car surface with high temperatures and relatively low yet powerful enough amount of steam pressure.

The heat of the steam helps to clear dirt and mud on the car surface quickly and efficiently. This process also helps remove tar and other components from chrome, mouldings and bumpers.

For washing the engine, water should not be used because the battery may develop problem.

Source: The Hindu