Antique Lepcha Equipments Collected by Rukdong IYTBU Nampu Azum (RINA), Sikkim Lepcha Youth Association (Rakdong Branch), 16 Tumin Lingee Constituency, East Sikkim

**All text in brackets() and italics are names of items in Lepcha language

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1. Sung Kyong is a local wine container made up of (lauka) or bamboo. It is used for holding wine in it for the Lepcha traveller during his journeys.

L-R:2. Wine container (Punazorterfek), 3. Fermented millet strainer (Shure), 4. Bamboo fishtrap (Feet)


5. Long knife (Payuk)  6. Hunters hat (Say rabuThaktuk)       7. Bow or (Shee) is made of bamboo and is used for hunting wild animals and in war by Lepcha hunters or warriors.

8. Thow Raw weaving tools (Blee) is made up of bamboo, leather, wood and is used for weaving thow raw(cloth), is used by Lepcha weaver

9. Rhino shield (Sulokbik lop dakee) used by Lepcha warrior to defend himself

10. In picture middle Earthen pot (Fat Fee Tyok) made up of red clay and is used for freparing food or soup items by Lepcha people

11. Table for priest and noble men (Chuntey/ Tong Tam)

Pic: Other Lepcha items

Pic: Other Lepcha items

Pic: Other Lepcha equipments

Source: ENVIS centre Sikkim on Ecotourism

All text and pictures by Sherap Namgyal Bhutia, Sr. Programme Officer, ENVIS centre Sikkim on Ecotourism

Ancient Guardian, nature has always come first for sikkims Lepcha people

Source: Collected by Rukdong IYTBU Nampu Azum (RINA),Sikkim Lepcha Youth Association