The programme gets mixed response from fishermen

Representatives of Yuva Bharat Force educating fishermen on the importance of sustainable fishing at Jalaripeta in Visakhapatnam on Friday.—PHOTO: K.R. DEEPAK

Visakhapatnam, November 22nd: There was a mixed response from fishermen to the awareness campaign conducted by Yuva Bharat Force in connection with the World Fisheries Day at Jalaripeta near the Fishing Harbour here on Friday.

While some of the fishermen listened intently as the volunteers explained to them in Telugu on the need to protect and conserve endangered species, there were others who went about their chores like repairing the nets as usual as they had nothing to do with the programme.

V. Raju, a middle-aged fisherman, was seen listening keenly to the organisers. The unlettered fisherman seemed to realise the importance of fish conservation and the dangers of over-exploitation.

“We should release the small fish, which get caught accidentally in our nets, back into the water and should not resort to over-fishing. We should also adopt eco-friendly methods of fishing like squid jigging and bottom set gillnet,” he said.

“Though I have no formal schooling, I had admitted my two sons and a daughter to school. The elder son, who is 14-year-old, had dropped out and accompanies me on the boat. My younger son and daughter are, however, keen on their studies and I am also want them to complete their education,” he says.


“Whaling is banned by the government but our fishermen are not aware of it. When whales get caught in their nets they pull them ashore with great difficulty and abandon them as there are no buyers. Similarly, fishing of some endangered species of fish and shells has been banned and it can attract fine up to Rs.25,000 and imprisonment up to 7 years,” said Mohammed Sadiq, president of the organisation.“The Fisheries Survey of India has developed some techniques to catch the required species easily while not damaging the other species unnecessarily. Squids are attracted by lights and when dazzling lights are arranged around the boat, they gather all around and they can be caught easily,” Mr. Sadiq said.

Yuva Bharat Force conducts the event in connection with World Fisheries Day

Source: The Hindu