SUBJECT :Chief Minister P.S. Tamang (Golay) launched the ambitious State government’s ‘A DAY FOR Mother Earth’ project at Kitchu Dumra , South Sikkim today. 

Namchi, July 7, 2019 (IPR): Chief Minister P.S. Tamang (Golay) launched the ambitious State government’s ‘A DAY FOR Mother Earth’ project at Kitchu Dumra , South Sikkim today. He was accompanied by SLA deputy Speaker Sangay Lepcha, Forest minister Karma Loday Bhutia, cabinet ministers, MLAs, political secretary advisors, chief secretary, officials, panchayats and public at large. At the onset of the function, the Chief Minister planted a sampling of Peepal (Ficus Religiousa) at the premises. The Cabinet Minister and other dignitaries also planted saplings of various species.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minster congratulated the Forest department for successfully organizing this programme which is being celebrated all over the State. He also mentioned one of the unique features of this programmes which is dedication of seven minitues in Sikkim commencing from 11.00 to 11.07 am wherein no vehicles will play on the roads except for emergency vehicles like ambulance, police, fire and major services. This initiative has been added so as to reduce air pollution and carbon footprints which will also be an annual feature. He shared his concern about the adverse climate change happening presently all over the world and covering the State too. Tamang laid emphasis that immediate action should be undertaken to combat the threats posed by climate change which may result in major natural disasters, droughts and many more irreparable damages.  The chief Minister said a resilient long term action plan must be conceptualized to ensure sustainability and to bring about crucial environment transformational change. He added that the aim of this distinct programme is to encourage people to plant an ample amount of tress and to increase the average green cover in Sikkim. The Chief Minister also said the general public must not only rely on Forest department for plantation drive and that they should take this up individually as it is a trait of being a conscious citizen . The Chief Minister  said he will  be  planting about 1, 000 saplings and directed the cabinet ministers, chief secretary, panchayats to plant 500, 300 and 100 saplings respectively and ensure  for the saplings’ survival. Additionally, he also encouraged the masses to plant at least 10 numbers of saplings as this activity will help conserve the environment.

 He also informed that the State government will soon set up recycling projects in which the waste generated by the public of Sikkim will be reduced and that less amount of garbage will be tipped in the respective landfills. For this project to work, he urged the general public to understand the nuances of waste segregation from the source as efficient segregation will assist the municipal garbage collectors to dump the garbage in a systematic manner. Sharing his concern on the water scarcity problem, Tamang also articulated that focus should be laid on rain water harvesting units in the State and initiative for this unit will aoon be commenced by the State government. The Chief Minister also updated that the State government till date has closed two companies for violation of environment rules and regulations and asserted that any company or institution found breaching any environment guidelines wil be liable. Additionally, he announced that Kitchu Dumra will be redeveloped as an open area where people can have a leisure time.

Adressing the government employees, the Chief Minister advocated them to absorb a healthy work culture environment wherein they can work in an effective and efficient manner. He also directed the chief secretary to float new tenders wherever there is any requirement. Speaking during the programme Forest minister Karma Loday Bhutia spoke about the objective of ‘A day for Mother Earth’ which has been initiated to preserve the fragile ecology of the State along with spreading awareness about the adverse effects of climate change. He also drew light on the various climate issues plaguing the globe such as depletion of ozone layers and many more and said that these issues can be encountered through planting and sustaining of trees. He added that the public should be mindful and that they should avoid using plastic bags and any other amenities that can hamper the environment. Bhutia updated that compensation provided by the companies located in Sikkim will be rightfully utilized in  saving the environment. Furthermore, he encouraged the contractors to work in coordination with conservation of the environment it is extremely vital in today’s world.

Forest department PCCF-cum-principal secretary M.L.Srivastava presented a brief about this programme as well as the Forest department. He said today is the closing day of Van Mahotsav week and shared that Sikkim is one of the hotspots of distinct vegetation and said that it is our responsibility to maintain this natural resource through various green activities.

Source: Sikkim Express