SUBJECT :The activities include rock climbing, trekking, cycling, night camping along with bonfire, jungle safari, lake view safari, etc. 

The Laknavaram Fest includes activities such as rock climbing, trekking, cycling, night camping along with bonfire, jungle safari and lake view safari.

By Author P. Laxma Reddy

Mulugu, August 19, 2019: Contiguous with the Eturunagaram wildlife sanctuary, the Laknavaram reserve forest area — which comprises the enchanting Laknavaram Lake, is alluring nature lovers from different parts of the country, thanks to the efforts of the Forest Department which has been organising the Laknavaram Fest for almost two years. While about 10 camps were organised since the introduction of the night camping facility and other activities, nearly 1,000 persons have visited the place.

The activities include rock climbing, trekking, cycling, night camping along with bonfire, jungle safari, lake view safari, etc. Though people can easily access the place in vehicles, they can also enjoy a ride in the bullock cart.

Located about 70 km away from Warangal city, the Laknavaram Lake, which is the main attraction in the reserve forest, was built by the great Kakatiya kings. The lake is spread over 10,000 acres and is dotted with 13 small islands. While sunrise and sunset are quite perfect at this scenic lake, the man-made suspension bridges are another attraction for the tourists. The lake that holds about 2.135 tmcft of water irrigates over 3,500 acres. The sluice arranged by the Kakatiya kings is amid thick jungle at a narrow gap between natural hills.

The restaurant, located on an island, provides delicious Telangana recipes. While the Tourism Department oversees the maintenance of the Laknavaram bridge and cottages at the lake, the Forest Department organises the Laknavaram Fest. As part of the fest, people can come at 4 pm on the first day and leave at 4 pm the next day.

The trip begins amidst green plantation on the mud road where the cycling activity continues with lake viewing up to 2.6 km. This activity goes for 2 hours.

After cycling, the tourists are taken to night camping area through Laknavaram forest, where they are provided individual tents, big tents and also family tents based on their comfort.

In the morning, the place is filled with enchanting sounds of birds that include kingfishers, parakeets, doves, tree pie, grey hornbill, jungle fowls, eagles, purple heron, Indian cormorant among others. The location is favorable to take nature photography and also to record the sounds of birds.

Later the tourists are taken on to the suspension bridges. The tourists are then led to boating towards Kakarakayala Bodu island. The island houses a restaurant. From there, tourists are taken for trekking. The route passes through the island where one gets to spot animals like antelopes, deer, etc.

Later, they are taken on bullock carts around the forest. Tourists also enjoy lake view safari.

Tourists visiting Laknavaram can also visit nearby attractions like Laknavaram Eco-Park.

The fee to participate in the festival is Rs 2,000 which includes 24-hour trip filled with activities. Those interested can visit website:, 

For any queries, contact Eco-Tourism Promoter Vamshi on 9502853154.