M. Chitra, School of Hotel and Catering Management, Vels University, Chennai, India

A. Arun, School of Hotel and Catering Management, Vels University, Chennai, India

Abstract: Tourism is travelling for primarily recreational or leisure purposes. Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. TamilNadu one of the most attracted tourist spot in 2009 and it also rank in 2011. The Chennai city situated at the coast of Bay of Bengal, has its own unique charm and has a great influence of rich tradition, varied heritage, modern amenities and technology and based on this it has become a vibrant place in the vicinity of nature. The Ministry of Tourism also take all possible steps to make the tourist spots a global one and try to help the tourist in terms of achieving their expectation as well as feeling ‘home away from their home’. The research is considered as an important one to evaluate the market potential for tourism in Chennai. Nowadays more concentration in terms of countries economy is given to hospitality and tourism sector which has to be developed and attract more tourists and make the country a developed one. The research is based on survey method through questionnaire and it consists of both primary and secondary data. The sample size is 100 respondents, and it has been analyzed by using the statistical techniques such as percentage, pie chart, bar graph and advanced statistical method been used for the research

Keywords: Tourist, Travel Agency, Hospitality, Package

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Source: International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences