SUBJECT :In the tiger, the dance human-tiger is dancing throughout the celebration. It is the culture of Kerala street pageant. Tiger is made on the bellies of the dancer group having long and fatty bellies. 

Thrissur (Kerala) August 27, 2020: In the tiger, the dance human-tiger is dancing throughout the celebration. It is the culture of Kerala street pageant. Tiger is made on the bellies of the dancer group having long and fatty bellies. Tiger is painted by different color with shining paint. This tiger dance was introduced in Thrissur by shakthan tampuran two centuries ago and continued till the date.

It is a very joyous moment for all people of Kerala when the Tiger dance is performed by the group and people were enjoying the culture. Tiger dance Mangalore is very famous for tiger dance and also tiger dance Mangalore is celebrated every year with full passion in Mangalore.

it is a really fun time for the viewer when the tiger to dance is performed because the different type of expression is exposed when the bellies of performer controlled by them. I was amazed last time when I show the dance in ONAM 2019.  it was full of enthusiasm and interesting moments for all. I have enjoyed it a lot when the time comes for the tiger to dance. One more thing I noticed in the tiger dance is that there was a large number of people around the world.

I was amazed when I saw foreigners there around me. Even I have asked a foreigner he told me he was from Australia and come to enjoy the Onam festival. Then I thought that Onam is not only popular in our country but also out of it. Almost the entire foreigner was enjoying the festival with their camera for the memory to be recorded. So this year government decided to celebrate this dance on virtually due to the pandemic because this will avoid crowding and will stop the spreading of viruses.

Tiger dance Mangalore

It is a story of two years back when I was in specially came to Mangalore with my friends for enjoying tiger dance Mangalore. Tiger dance Mangalore is organized every year on the eve of the DASARA celebration. it was a sightseeing moment for me because I was watching this type of group dance first in my life.

The tiger dance in Mangalore was so engaging and hilarious that I forget to take a photo of the dance moment. Also, there was a very big rush watching the dance so it was difficult to take any photo of the dance group. if you have never visited the tiger dance Mangalore I’ll say you have missed very big and enjoyable things in your life.  Friends I’ll recommend you to must go once in your life for watching the tiger dance Mangalore.

Tiger dance song

The tiger dance song was all regional songs. Because this dance is the culture of Kerala so the song played was also a cultural song. The dance is purely portraying the culture and custom of the state. Each song played in the Onam festival was Kerala’s cultural song.

As I think it is a very good thing to promote and let the culture of Kerala never die. instead of the cultural festival, Onam is famous all across the globe just because of his custom and culture. tiger song dance purely belongs to the culture of Kerala so the language was outstanding for me to understand but even though the beat and rhythm were thrilling and melodious.

As I do feel that the clothes and attire that was worn by most of the people were somewhere belongs to Kerala customs.  so this full day from beginning to the last of ONAM mostly portraying the culture of Kerala.


I always recommend every one of our readers just does make a move once in your life to see the ONAM celebration of  Kerala. you’ll always remind the sight of this festival time and again. even if you have no much time just go for one day for a tiger dance your full body will be thrilled. also when you see the foreigner around you, you will be amazed. if you will get a chance must meet with the foreigner and ask some question related to his country and about the Onam festival. I know they will surprise you with their answer. Because they love the Onam festival more than you if you are not from Kerala or if you are not interested in one.

But as of now, this time is not safe for all, so have to save yourself first from this pandemic. try to be in your home without getting in touch with a crowed or unknown person of your locality. Avoid meeting with your friends and closed ones. this pandemic is dangerous for all. it not only affects you but your full family, so try to be in your home all the time till the end of the pandemic. I also don’t know when this pandemic will go away but what is now probably it will stay till the end of this year or may belong. So you should plan for the next year if everything will be fine.