SUBJECT :The Directorate of Tourism, Jammu is organising ‘Fulkari-2021’, a festival of flok, colours and music on March 27-28. 

Jammu, March 22, 2021: The Directorate of Tourism, Jammu is organising ‘Fulkari-2021’, a festival of flok, colours and music on March 27-28.

The two-day festival is part of a series of promotional activities scheduled to attract tourist to Jammu post Covid-19 pandemic.

Director Tourism Jammu Nasim Javid Choudhary addressing a press conference here said that Jammu region endowed with abundant natural beauty is all set to promote itself as a premier tourist destination by celebrating the first of its kind mega event name ‘Fulkari-2021’.

The event will showcase Jammu as a heritage, cultural, literary and pilgrimage destination of India.

He maintained that Jammu too has a big potential to tap with regard to tourism activities. He said that the foothills of Jammu, the holy lakes of Mansar and Surinsar, the forts of Mahoregarh and Samba etc offer a range of activities for people of all age groups.

He mentioned that the main aim behind “ Fulkari-2021” is to promote Mansar and Jammu as a most sought tourist destination of the country.

He said that to enhance the feeling of festivity a plethora of activities will be organised in these two days concentrating on adventure, nature, culture, entertainment etc.

Explaining he said that the first day of event March 27 includes adventure activities like MTB from Surinsar to Mansar, Nature Walk, Live Painting Competition, etc.

In the evening there would be an ethnic fashion show along with celebrity performance by famous Punjabi singer Rohanpreet Singh.

“The second day of event includes live musical performance by Afsana Khan and our own Gursaaz from Jammu who won the best singer of PTC Punjabi Music awards 2020 and other renowned artists of Jammu” said Choudhary giving details about the events scheduled for 2nd day.

Further , he said : “ The two-day festivity will unleash the vibrant side of Jammu and Mansar bringing the city together in a colorful blend of adventure, culture, heritage and entertainment, This event will surley provided Mansar with a new lease of life”.

In one of its unique endeavour, tourist department is also organising photography competition, videography competition, bird watching and Jammu Tourism Tag Line Competition on this occasion.

The Competition will open on March 27 and run for a period of next one week. The official dates and other terms and condition for the same will be communicated on the inauguration of the event.

The event also covers FAM Tours to various participants/bloggers from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra etc. Fulkari- 2021 will surely add a new lease of life to the tourism season post Covid-19 pandemic, he enunciated.