The appellation "Tripura" and its origin does not have a recorded source, towers, as per legends the land over its name to the son of the king Daitya, the 39th descendant of Druhya, But according to Hunta, the name Tripura, was probably given to the land in honor of the temple at Udaipur, once considered as the second "Trirtha" on sacred shrine in this part of Bengal; it was dedicated either to Tripurahana, the "sun-god" or to Tripureshwasi, the mistress of the three worlds. Again, according to Kailash Chander Singh, a Chronicler of the Tripura Rajas, Tripura name originated from Tu-pra" which is Tripura dialect means land adjoining water (tui:water, pra: near). It is therefore quiet apparent that the land bears the name Tripura because of its proximity to water. A relevance to the aspect can be noted in the fact that the hill people of Tripura pronounce the word as "Tripra" and not "Tripura." the former seems to be a corrupt form of Tripura and the latter of Tipra.

The early history of Tripura, particularly before the 15th century is a collection of myths of legend and tradition. If we view the state is history, two distinct periods can be traced out. The traditional period as recorded in the Rajmala' (Chronicles of the Tripura Rajas), and the historical period recorded in the writings of the Mohammedan historians as well as in 'Rajmala' The population, mostly of Tibeto-Burmese origin, took up Vaishnava Hinduism very early in its history and the state was continuously ruled by Hindus Maharaj's, till independence. However, Tripura had been a kingdom since mythical times ruled by numerous dynasties. It was often at war with its neighboring states and the British took advantage to make if a protectorate. They also divided it into parts. Some areas were left under the Maharaja's control while the tribal belt was under the direct control of the British.

Tripura therefore can be said to be a state of great antiquity having been ruled by the Maharaja's for 1,300 years before its accession to the Indian union on October 15th 1949. With the reorganization of state on September 1st 1956, Tripura became a union territory. The territory was then made a full-fledged state on January 21st, 1972.