Situated between latitudes 23.80 o N to 25.68 o N and longitudes 93.03oE to 94.78o E, Manipur covers a total geographical area of 22,327 Sq. Km. Of the total area, about nine-tenths constitute the hills which surrounds the remaining one-tenth valley. It is one of the border States in the North-Eastern part of India, bounded by Nagaland on the north, Assam on the west and Mizoram on the south and along the east it shares a 352 Km. long international boundary with Myanmar.

Manipur may be characterized in two distinct physical regions - an outlying area of rugged hills and narrow valleys and the inner area represents the features of flat plain topography with all associated land forms. These two areas are not only distinct in respect of physical features but are also conspicuous with regard to various floras and faunas.

The valley region would have been a monotonous, featureless plain but for a number of hills and mounds rising above the flat surface. The Loktak Lake is an important geographic feature of the central plain area. The total area occupied by all the lakes is about 600 Sq. Km. The altitude ranges from 40m at Jiribam to as high as 2,994m at Iso Peak near Mao above mean sea level.