Forest Resources:

    The total recorded forest area is 1.19 million ha, which constitutes 13.38% of the geographic area. By legal status, Reserved Forest constitutes 59.38%, Protected Forest 31.75% and Unclassed Forest 8.87%.
     There are eight forest types in the state. They are Tropical Semi Evergreen, Tropical Moist Deciduous, Tropical Dry Deciduous, Subtropical Broadleaved Hill, Subtropical Pine, Himalayan Moist Temperate, Montane Wet Temperate, Littoral and Swamp Forests. Forests are mainly distributed in the north, south west and south-east .

Protected Areas:
    There are 5 National Parks and 16 Wildlife sanctuaries covering an area of 0.28 million ha. It constitutes 3.15% of the geographic area of the state. The state has 2 Tiger Reserves namely Sundarbans and Buxa. Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve is one of the 11 Biosphere Reserves of the country. Sunderbans National Park is also a World Heritage site


Mineral Resources:

                  West Bengal has a well-developed communication network encompassing an extensive railway system, domestic and international airports, modern ports, national highway etc. For industrial exploitation the raw materials available are Coal, Iron and Steel, Agri-horticultural produce, plantation crop, agro-waste, marine products, hides and skins etc. Minerals like Dolomite, Limestone, Lead; Zinc Ores and Granite are in abundance. Water is plenty. Indeed, the State's natural wealth is among the best in the country.

(i) Mineral Resources in Eastern Region

  Reserves mn. Tonnes
(All India)
Rank in the World Reserves mn. Tonnes
(Eastern Region)
Coal 192359 6 137402 (71.4%)
Iron Ore 11977 6 5698 (47.5%)
Bauxite 2290 5 1424 (62.2%)
Chromite 53 4 52 (98.1%)
Limestone 69349 n.a. 7041 (10.2%)
Copper Ore 325 n.a. 158 (48.6%)
Manganese Ore 154 n.a. 36 (23.4%)

(ii) Reserves & Production of Important Minerals in West Bengal

  Reserve – 1990 (million tonnes) Reserves (% to All – India)
Apatite 10.6 79.5%
Chinaclay 250.1 .
Coal 30147.2 15.7%
Dolomite 293 5.9%
Feldspar 0.68 4.2%
Fireclay 9.6 1.45
Ilmenite 1.9 2.2%
Lead-Zinc Ore 2.6 1.5%
Limestone 35.2 .
Rutile 172.8 33.4%