The newly created Jharkhand State, with an area of 74,677 sq km, is bordered by Bihar in North, Madhya Pradesh in West, Orissa in South and West Bengal to its East. 35% of the population of former Bihar is in the Jharkhand region.

Jharkhand is one the most industrialised regions of the country today. The region accounts for 35.5% of the country's known coal reserves, 90% of its cooking coal deposits, 40% of its copper, 22% of its iron ore, 90% of its mica and huge deposits of bauxite, quartz and ceramics. It is home to the largest steel plant in Bokaro, apart from Jamshedpur being practically the city of TISCO and TELCO.

The newly created Jharkhand State has the potential to develop as the most financially viable state in the whole country because of its mineral based resources and the industrial infrastructure available in the state.