Familiarisation tours. Organised free trips for travel agents, tour wholesalers, inbound tour operators, journalists or other members of the travel trade for educating and “familiarising” them with tourism destinations and products. By seeing the destinations to which they are sending travellers, the travel trade is better prepared to answer customer questions and promote travel to the location. In the case of journalists, the famil should result in free publicity coverage.


Free Independent Traveller. These travelers travel independently, not in a group.


A package tour concept that includes a minimum of round-trip or one-way air travel and rental car to the destination.

A plant association, predominantly of trees and other woody vegetation which occupies an extensive area of land. Covers more than 2,82,840 sq. mls. In India, 22.3 % of total land area (world average 27.6percent). Broadly classified into types; tropical wet evergreen, tropical moist deciduous forest, tropical dry deciduous, tropical thorn, subtropical pine, moist temperature, and alpine.