A facility or landmark which is visually synonymous with a destination.

Incentive travel

The term used for travel offered by corporations as a reward for top performance by staff or by distributors/clients. Also the term used for the business that develops, markets and operates these programs.

The buildings or permanent installations associated with a site. Infrastructure for ecotourism is often developed in protected areas and usually involves a scaled down or minimal approach to physical development and change. Infrastructure such as boardwalks and viewing platforms can be used by resource managers to provide for visitor access to ecotourism destinations, while at the same time assisting the management of environmental impacts and the physical protection of natural resources.

Integrated planningPlanning process which takes into account the social and cultural priorities of host communities to shape tourism into a form appropriate for each locality.

Intergenerational equity
Refers to a concept that the present generation should ensure that the health, diversity and productivity of the environment are maintained or enhanced for the benefit of future generations.

Internalization of environmental costs
Internalization of environmental costs involves the creation of economic environments so that social and private views of economic efficiency coincide. It is concerned with structures, reporting mechanisms and tools to achieve this end.

An educational activity which aims to reveal meanings and relationships
through the use of original objects, first-hand experience and illustrative media, rather than simply by communicating factual information.

Intrinsic valueValue that exists in its own right, for its own sake.