A fixed price saleable travel product that offers a mix of elements such as transportation, accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, cultural activities, sightseeing and car rental. Packages make it easy for a traveller to buy and enjoy a destination or several destinations. 

Pre- and Post-convention tours

Packages that are specifically designed for attendees of a particular convention or meeting. 

Protected areas
Defined in Article 2 of the International Convention on Biological Diversity as a geographically defined area which is designated or regulated and managed to achieve specific conservation. Protected area system characteristics are adequacy – the ability of the reserve to maintain the ecological viability and integrity of populations, species and communities; comprehensiveness – the degree to which the full range of ecological communities and their biological diversity are incorporated within reserves; representativeness – the extent to which areas selected for inclusion in the national reserve system are capable of reflecting the known biological diversity and ecological patterns and processes of the ecological community or ecosystem concerned.


 Suppliers of tourist services and products.